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Course Comes COMPLETE with Manuals, Visual Aides, Models, Instruments and Supplies
***LIve Streaming Available for the Home Study Course***
The course is designed mainly for hands-on participation.  Each session contains COMPREHENSIVE Self-Testing materials.
The Course Curriculum is structured to educate and motivate you and at the same time keep you up-to-date with changes in the dynamic Dental Industry.
Professionals know it is imperative to elevate their standards and goals by keeping themselves thoroughly informed about the latest advances in their profession.
Traveling great distances to attend on-site classes is not practical for many individuals.  The Master Dental Technologist Home Study Program is designed specifically for those not able to attend our On-Site Course.
With our Home Study program you learn step-by-step procedures at your own place in your time frame.  Upon completing this Program, you will be re-motivated, gain a greater level of confidence, communicate more effectively, and become an integral part of the dental team.
The Program consists of eighteen sessions, which include anatomy, physiology, and hands-on practical maxillary-mandibular reconstruction cases.
Pre-positioned maxillary-mandibular casts and dies prepared for mounting on an Arcon Articulator with a mechanical incisal platform, provide the functions for reconstruction.
Determined condylar and anterior angles are programmed to waxed platforms with cusp cones to the function of the articulator.  Cusp analysis and waxed buccal-lingual cusp cones are placed to determine the height in lateral protrusive relationships.  Cusp ridges are formed and finally, puddled-in to define secondary anatomy.
Audiovisual programming provides a stop-and-go feature that simplifies the overall learning concept.  After posterior occlusion has been established, you are taught how to develop anterior guidance for posterior disclusion.
Upon completion of the Program, you need to appear before the Board of Examiners of A.S.M.D.T.  Once you have met the requirements set forth by the Board, you will be awarded the prestigious MASTER DENTAL TECHNOLOGIST Certificate.
The Course is complete with manuals, models, semi-adjustable articulator, instruments and all supplies.  Our Course is extremely comprehensive with substantial hands-on experience and lectures on DVD’s by leaders in the field of dentistry.  Each session contains supplemental self-testing materials.
Upon course completion, you receive 150 hours of CDT Credits and 120 hours of Homework Credits.
In addition, following the Master Level, members may pursue Fellowship Level status.
It takes about six months to complete this Home Study Program, depending on the time you are able to put into your studies.
For more information please call us at the above number.

Home Study Course Plans

Plan 1 - Complete ASMDT System
Includes Adminstrative Assistance & go before Board of Examiners.
Total: $7500

Plan 2 - 10% Discount
ASMDT System includes Stratus 200 semi-adjustable Articulator, Condylur Template - Includes Administrative Assistance & go before Board of Examiners for additional $300.
Total: $6750

Plan 3 - Pay-as-you-Learn-Plan
Receive Instructional Manual and three (3) DVD's - Intro, Sessions 1, 2, & 3. Manuals and Models will be shippped at appropriate time. Next sequence of DVD's will be shipped as progressed and paid for. $300 per additional Session. Includes Administrative Assistance - Once Program is completed, arrangements are made to go before the Board of Examiners.
$4500 up front

Plan 4 - DVD SET ONLY - NO Instruction Manual.
Only with Instruction Sheets (Pamphlet) for Sessions 6 & 7, the Functional Waxing Course and Sessions M1, M2, M3, & M4, Master Level Course. Includes 2 sets of working models.
Total: $3000

Plan 5 - DVD SET ONLY - WITH Instruction Manual.
Also includes Instruction Sheets (Pamphlet) for Sessions 6 & 7, the Functional Waxing Course and Sessions M1, M2, M3, & M4, Master Level Course. Includes 2 sets of working models.
Total: $4000

Plan 6 - Not Needing To Take Program
After 20+ years lab experience. 100 Question Exam for $750 fee and passing grade of 75%. Then Master Models and Instructions with corresponding DVD to do Diagnostic Wax-Up for $1500 fee. Finally, appear before the Board of Examiners for a fee of $750.
Total: $3000

1. Complete Application and attach passport-size color photograph of yourself.
2. Attach a check payable to DPDC (Dental Prosthologists Development, Corp.) to this form.  
3. Mail Check and Form in envelope.  You will be notified confirming your acceptance into our Home Study program as soon as possible.
Financing Available for Home Study Program
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