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American Society of Master Dental Technologists, Inc.

Is a professional Society formed to elevate the educational standards of dental technologists. The Society believes that dental technologists have not reached their ultimate status and recognition in the field of dental technology and are therefore anxious to be upgraded to the Master level.

The ultimate goal of ASMDT is to provide the educational resources, i.e., text materials, instructors and guidance, for technologists who are interested in becoming Master Dental Technologists.

As a member of ASMDT, technologists who have earned the title "Master Dental Technologist" will be qualified to present credentials which display competency in all technological categories, as well as in the basic sciences associated with dentistry, and in particular, being academically oriented in the science of the Stomatognathic System.

After acceptance as an Associate Member, the dental technologist strives towards the Master Dental Technology category, which will be granted after successfully passing all written and practical examinations developed and submitted before the Examining Board of ASMDT.